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Pick Your Own

May 28th  2020

2270 Bells Line of Rd Bilpin.

We will be continuing low key Pick Your Own on the 30th & 31st of May. During the week, if the shed isn’t open we have a self service stand out side with 5kg packs on display. They will be $10.00 / pack. Cash can be deposited in a secure yellow money box on the end of the stand.

We are happy to accomodate PYO even if we have the shed is closed during the week. You will need to contact us first and arrange a suitable time 

Subject to how busy we are on May 30th & 31st this maybe the last weekend of Pick Your Own

Apples Available

  • Granny Smith : Starting to sweeten,  may finish next weekend

 It  would assist us and make the process quicker if you are coming to pre order via email, text or phone. Email is best if possible

To make the visit worthwhile check with friends and neighbour’s to see if they want some fruit as well

We intend to follow safe practices so we will deal from safe distances at the shed door 1 customer at a time.

To simplify the process and to encourage you to buy we will be selling all the apples at $ 2.00 / kg 

mb 0427772431  or 0245671206

Eftpos available

These are the conditions on which you can Pick Your Own

Please read this

  • Observation of the social distancing rules.
  • Entry limited to one family at time to pick in a specific area. Max 2 families on the property at one time.
  •  No entry into the shed 
  • Pre arranged time for picking for each family
  • Please bring your own bags, buckets/gloves. We can supply boxes and trolleys.
  • Eftpos available.
  • As an alternative picked boxes available from the shed.
  • It is essential to contact before coming with a name, a preferred time and a phone number so we can contact you to reschedule times if possible.

    If you would like to be updated as to what is happening or when a specific variety starts, then click on the contact us button on the top and we will put you on our newsletter list.

About Us

Shields Orchard is a small family based orchard that has been retailing our own fruit since 1955. Since 1992 we have been also been providing the opportunity for individuals and small family groups to “Pick Their Own” apples. There is no entry charge; the only charge is for the fruit picked. We provide a basket or you can pick into your own bags. We weigh the bags and charge per kilogram.

Helping us to Make it an enjoyable experience
We would encourage every one to either call, text or email us if you intend visiting.

  • This enables us to ensure we always have good fruit available.
  • It enables us to ensure a better experience with no large crowds .
  • Nature is unpredictable some varieties can come earlier or later that the previous season.
  • If you are on our newsletter list you are first to hear of what is happening and we will give you special attention.
  • Check our website which we will be updating regularly once we start or call.

We ask that people picking their own to observe the following courtesies 

1. You will be walking over uneven surfaces . Watch were you are walking and do not run

2. Please ensure that children are supervised when picking.

3. Please ensure that you stay within the areas to which you have been directed defined by ropes & observe the directions on signs

4. Pick you own means that you may pick the quantity of apples you want at a set rate per kilogram.

5. Please pick only  the apples specified.  (picking other than the specified apples may result in being charged at a higher rate)

5. Please use the rubbish bins provided. Do not leave rubbish in the orchard.

Thank you for your consideration! Enjoy yourself.

Varieties List 2020